Linfen to build super fine coal chemical project

Time: 2019-04-25

[China Refractories Network]

On June 6, the signing and unveiling ceremony of Shanxi Black Cat Clean Energy · Shanxi Haizi Coal Industry Project was launched in Linfen Yaodu.

It is understood that, as agreed by Shaanxi Huanghe Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Haizi Coking Group Co., Ltd., both parties will form Shanxi Haizi Coal Industry Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Black Cat Clean Energy Co., Ltd. The main coking coal base has the resources and location advantages. It will construct 20 million tons / year of raw coal, 16 million tons / year of washed coal and 10 million tons / year of fine coal chemical engineering projects, with a total investment of 90 billion yuan.

The construction of this project will follow the concepts of circular economy and clean production to create a first-class large-scale energy and chemical enterprise in Shanxi Province. After the completion of all the projects, it can realize an annual output value of 100 billion yuan, a profit of 27 billion yuan, and a tax of 10 billion yuan.

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