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Established in August 2015, Shandong Tongli New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Jining New Material Industrial Park of Huji Town in Jinxiang County. The type of our company: limited liability company (natural person investment or holding), legal representative Qian Yi, registered capital is CNY 20 million, covers an area of more than 68,701 square meters; we now are a high-tech enterprise integrating research, production, sales and international trade. 

Our company is a "key enterprise of new infrastructure in Shandong Province", with a pilot plant of "production, education and research", and a 5G new material R&D center in Jining City, as well as a perfect quality system certification. The application of CMS products in 5G materials has been certified by customers at home and abroad, and soon entered a stage of rapid development; our company takes new materials, pharmaceutical, pesticide intermediates as the core to extending the upstream and downstream of our industry; Based on the 60% share of diethyl (dimethyl) maleate in the global market, our company expands the new environmentally friendly degradable plastic products of diethyl (dimethyl) maleate and application of polyurea coatings to the downstream of industry, and the scale will be further expanded; The second phase of technical transformation will complete the production of bromine series products, and build a complete bromine series product chain in Jining New Material Industrial Park. Relying on the advantages of rich public facilities in the park, our company complements the industrial advantages of the enterprises in the park, and vigorously develops high-quality suppliers in the pesticide, pharmaceutical, and new material industries and the connection of raw materials in the upstream and downstream of our industry. Our company takes the excellent modern management team as the leadership core and gives full play to the innovation ability of our company's technical team to accelerate the deep processing capacity and production scale of fine chemical products. Diethyl maleate and bromoalkanes have developed more than 10 kinds of specifications according to their uses and functions, which are widely used in pharmaceuticals, 5G manufacturing, pigments, polyester and other production fields; 


Our company has made great breakthroughs in the following aspects: 
1) The application of CMS in 5G new materials has been recognized by major international customers, and the scale of localization will continue to expand; 
2) EDOT's key green processes have made breakthroughs and have the competitiveness to fully replace international counterparts, and our new phase III project has been approved; 
3) Caprolactone and valerolactone safety oxidation reaction technology has also made a major breakthrough, and will also be declared in the company's third phase of the project, which has the foundation of comprehensively surpassing Europe, America and Japan, and creates new opportunities for our company's development; 
4) The organic electrolyte of solid-state batteries has also made a great breakthrough, which has completely changed the current status quo of inorganic batteries, and has made a breakthrough in key technologies in terms of payload and safety. 
5) The acid-resistant and alkali-resistant organic nano-level filter membrane monomer with high crosslinking degree has been successfully synthesized, and will make breakthroughs in key technologies in the field of high-crosslinking nanofiltration membranes, which are fully applied to the preparation of high-purity electronic grade hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen bromide, which is the key bottleneck technology in this field at present; 
6) Itaconic acid ester series products have also been successfully applied to the main material of green tires! 
7) Fumarate series products have also been successfully applied to the synthesis of high-end coating materials; 

Up to now, our company has cooperated with universities in Shanghai, Guangdong and other universities to carry out the strategy of "going out and bringing in" in the industry, and transform into industrial production through the process optimization of our company's R&D platform. At present, our company has 29 patents, including 1 invention patent and 28 utility model patents; all our products have the initiative and occupy a high share in the market. 

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